Ohio Girls Golf Foundation High School Showcase
Avon Oaks Country Club
Monday, July 25, 2022


1 Reed/O’Leary/Heisterkamp/Baird/Paez (Magnificat High School) 156-146-302 +14
2 Paez/Liu/Chill/Elwell/Roof (Magnificat High School) 162-161-323 +35
3 Hill/Kellon/Kim/Talasila/Weinberger (Hathaway Brown) 159-179-338 +50
4 Chada/Coleman/McKendry/Chester/Wynne (Highland High School) 169-175-344 +56
5 Buyansky/Konopa/McGhee/Trombetta/McGreal (Independence High School) 171-176-347 +59

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1 Claire Liu (Magnificat High School) 34-34-68 -4
2 Dixon Hill (Hathaway Brown) 32-37-69 -3
T3 Cammy Reed (Magnificat High School) 37-34-71 -1
T3 Ella Wong (Hawken) 35-36-71 -1
T5 Cara Heisterkamp (Magnificat High School) 36-37-73 +1
T5 Paige McKendry (Highland High School) 37-36-73 +1

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The OGGF is pleased to award $1,000 college scholarships to the following recipients:

Calista Baird
Sheridan High School (attending Shawnee State University)

Angela Dodson
Shaker Heights High School (attending Savannah State)

Sara Hickey
Mapleton High School (attending Cleveland State University)

Jessica Morlock
Columbia High School (attending Georgetown University)
*awarded the Patty Wood Memorial Scholarship

Katelyn Reynolds
Colonel Crawford High School (attending Ashland University)
* awarded Maureen T. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship

Sophia Rosa
Perry High School (attending Walsh University)

Erin Strouse

Louisville High School (attending Malone University)
*awarded Teen Burke Scholarship

Noelle Trobek
Hubbard High School (attending Youngstown State University)

The 2023 OGGF Scholarship Application Will be Available Soon. Deadline to apply is March 31, 2023

2022 Has Been A Great Year!

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